Congratulations Team Botswana on gaining government approval and conducting your first greyhound race meeting.
The World Greyhound Organisation has been working closely with Botswana advising about welfare, racing and training of greyhounds.
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Kanye launches dog, horse races!

By Thato Modiakgotla

Kanye – Botswana international Greyhound Racers (BIGRS) and Desert Racers have launched dog and horse races in Kanye. Speaking during the launch recently, Molebatsi Kemmonye from the District Commissioner’s office said the races were a great initiative, with the potential to positively change the lives of different stakeholders.

He highlighted that the government supports such events and urged organisers to make use of various government programms in place to grow the races.

Kemmonye said it was important for all the relevant stakeholders to work together in growing the races to greater heights.

“This event should attract participants from different Countries, collaborate with various organisations to grow this event,” he said.

He explained that there were a lot of opportunities in dog ad horse races value chains, such as breeding, training and feed production, which people may venture into.

Kanye District Mindset Change coach, Bakang Kooneeng said the event came at the right time.

She said mindset change was the only vehicle to assist the Country in attaining Vision 2036 pillars and as such, she urged all to thinking positively and doing things differently.

“Let us all have a positive mindset as that would take us forward. Let us stop doubting ourselves. You can achieve all that you set your mind on,” she added. A representative from Desert Sands Riders Society, Methuel Ikgopoleng said the event would bring people together and keep the youth away from various social ills.

He said people used to travel to far away areas to enjoy races, thus he said he decided to host the event in the region.

He added that the residents would benefit from the value chains such as training animals and feed production.

BIGRS’s marketing and public relations officer, Thatayaone Pule said the races had a potential to change lives and contribute to the local economy.

He said it was time for Ngwaketse residents to showcase their talents in various races.


Update on Dees Big Fella in China

The image you see on the right is a snapshot of what is written on the CAGED Nationwide Facebook page

Information acquired by the Greyhound Racing Club on Mainland China in conjunction with the World Greyhound Organisation

Firstly, Caged Nationwide did not uncover the scam of Brinkleys Blaze. This was discovered when the dog Dees Big Fella was presented as Brinkleys Blaze to the Greyhound Racing Club of Mainland China (GRCC) to be registered with their group. The team in China took one look at the paperwork and suspected all was not correct. They then contacted Greyhound-Data who remove the land of standing from the dog’s pedigree until the Irish Greyhound Board could provide valuable information about which dog was in China.

Today a team member in China spoke with the owner of Dees Big Fella and asked these questions:

Questions Owners Answer
Do you still have Dees Big Fella? Yes of course
Have you been in contact or has anyone been in contact with you regarding selling Dees Big Fella?   No
Can you send us a photo or video of Dees Big Fella? Yes, I would be happy to do this.

The following videos were taken today (23rd November 2020) of Dees Big Fella by his owner in China