From racing to retirement
"Get my sofa ready ...
I will be there soon!"


We would like to invite all Greyhound Retirement/Adoption Groups and anyone who has ever adopted a greyhound worldwide to join us. Please visit our Registration Page and chose the best registration option that suits you.

Once registered you will be able to upload news stories, photos, videos and updates and share information with the rest of the world.

Welfare is Paramount, help us improve conditions for all greyhounds worldwide.

Adoption Groups Supporting Us

Latest groups supporting us

  • Greyhound sweet home
  • Gill brother group
  • gillbrother group
  • Greyhounds Only, Inc.
  • encourL

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Latest Retirement/Adoption News

Greyhound Pet Adoptions of Delaware Milestone

5/12/2021 This tag may not look like much but it’s a pretty big deal. Our adoption group was formed in March of 2006 as the Delaware chapter of Greyhound Pets of America, GPA-DE. In April of 2017, we withdrew from GPA ......

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Retirement/Adoption Photos

Lee Lee (Mk Mulberry), Hoot (B's Halla), Wally (Bellicosebumpkin) and Gofer (TMC's Go For It)

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Greyhound Update Service

All members who have ever sold a greyhound or had a greyhound they bred sent to any country registered with us and would like to know what has happen to it the World Greyhound Organisation (WGO) will do its best to help you.

Please email us at and our team will do its best to locate your greyhound and update you on where your dog is, who owns it and if the owner of your dog is a member of the World Greyhound Organisation (WGO) we may even be able to provide photos and videos.