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Let the World Greyhound Organisation put your Country on the world stage.

By supporting us we will help you to:

  1. Form a committee or racing board.
  2. Setup and maintain a retirement centre.
  3. Introduce welfare practices into every aspect of your greyhound’s life.
  4. Maintain an accurate stud book in conjunction with Greyhound-Data.
  5. Register the Owners and Trainers of all WGO stud book entries.
  6. Ensure accountability for the entire lifespan of all greyhounds registered in WGO Stud books.
  7. Promote excellence and best practice throughout the sport.
  8. Open the way for our members to safely open and discuss issues with other member countries.
  9. Make knowledge and education available to all our members on all greyhound matters.

We constantly hear the bad news coming from all countries. You now have the opportunity to unite the people in your country that care for their greyhounds and let the world know about it.

Please note that a registration fee will apply subject to requirements. Take the first step by filling in the form below.

Country Application Form

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Welfare is paramount