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As of October and 18 years of adopting retired Greyhounds we have been approved to become Greyhound Retirement Foundation of TN. Eighteen years ago things in the adoption world was much different. Most all have changed dramatically and it was time for GRFT to replace the rescue word with retirement. We are the same devoted organization. It will be a while before all forms, and electronic sites can be changed. We are a non profit adoption group serving Knoxville, Chattanooga, Kingsport, Johnson City and up to Cookeville, Tennessee. We work about a 125 mile radius of Knoxville, Tennessee. We go into the tip of Georgia, North Carolina, Virginia and Kentucky. We require an application be completed and checked then a home visit is conducted. All Greyhounds are examined by a vet, spayed/neutered, have their teeth cleaned, are up to date on all shots, heartworm tested and started on heartworm preventative, and dewormed when necessary prior to adoption. We furnish a new Martingale collar and leash set along with a muzzle. The Greyhounds are fostered in private volunteer foster homes where they are given a good start on retirement and becoming a companion pet and learn what living in a home is all about. We take this responsibility very seriously and each Greyhound becomes a member of our family and reserves a place in our hearts. Not only do we all work with one goal, we also have all become friends and truly enjoy the Greyhounds and each other. Our adopters not only receive a wonderful companion but also a support group. Our group believes that an adopter should be encouraged to participate in Meet & Greets, in gatherings and deserves close personal contact especially during the adjustment period so we refer inquiries to other groups when outside our area. We try to work a 100 to 125 mile radius. We believe that Together We DO Make A Difference. Check our website for dates and locations of our Meet & Greets.

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